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      Student Guide 2020-2021

    Academic Calendar 2020-2021

    Orientation Info for first-year students 2020-2021


    Bachelor’s Degree programs

    • Conservation of Cultural Heritage
      Conservation of Cultural Heritage graduates may be employed within the local government and in public or private bodies in charge of the protection, conservation and valorization of archaeological, historical and artistic heritage as well as the care and management of museums and other cultural institutions.
    • Humanities
      This Bachelor’s program focuses on the making of professional profiles that will be able to capitalize on Humanities subjects so as to merge the wealth of traditional knowledge with the more recent developments in the fields of publishing, advertisement, performing arts and events management.


    Master’s Degree Programs

    • Archeology and Art History
      The Master’s Degree in Archeology and Art History provides graduates with the necessary and well-grounded scientific knowledge regarding the valorization and management of Cultural Heritage from Antiquity to Contemporary times.  Graduates may be employed as top managers in both private and public institutions.
    • Classical and Modern Philology
      The Master’s Degree in Classical and Modern Philology provides graduates with the necessary and well-grounded scientific knowledge in the field of literary communication, along with the development of linguistic and philological skills in relation to historical and geographic contexts from Antiquity to Contemporary times.



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